Germaine des prés is a collection of women’s and girl’s underwear and homewear, crafted from cottage-industry very finely woven cotton voile. The adventure began in spring 2011 when Pascale Gransagnes, advised by her daughter,  decided to recreate the classic cotton panties. She imagined panties close to the spirit of Saint Germain des prés, where she lives, in other words: chic, retro, light and out of time. The Germaine panties are made in a lightweight cotton voile shaped by a delicate lace ribbon. They all present themselves in a macaroon shape that fit into colourful boxes.A rainbow palette of 60 colors, floating from saffron to sari pink sailing by ultramarine. Pascale Gransagnes then added to the collection babydolls, nighdresses, shirts and tank tops assorted with the panties. Cotton silk and cashmere voile were also introduced to declare war on the grey winter.

Today Germaine des prés is present from the USA to Japan through 140 independent retailers.

Germaine des prés